Xbmcfreak LiveCD 10.00 maverick v2

Om het nieuwe jaar meteen goed in te gaan is hier een nieuwe versie van de Maverick livecd. Het grootste verschil ten opzichte van de versie die op xbmc.org is te vinden is dat deze livecd Ubuntu 10.10 based is! Verder heeft deze livecd een nieuwere kernel en nvidia drivers. Ook nieuw is de VA-Api ondersteuning, wat voor Intel gebruikers erg handig is! Verder draait mijn XBMC PHP remote out of the box. Het enige wat je hoeft te doen is het ip-adres van de XBMC machine in een webbrowser te plakken! Op mijn Nvidia ION2 machine draait deze als gevolg van het toevoegen van verschillende repositories als een zonnetje! Hier is de complete changelog:

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Based
Kernel 2.6.35-24
X Swat Nvidia 260.19.29 drivers
Vdpau-va-driver driver added
Support for logitech dinovo edge added
Wakeonlan configuration added
Sabnzbd added
MakeMKV support
Samba Server added
Transmission (torrent) added
FireFly (mt-daapd) iTunes support added
Apache, PHP, XBMC PHP remote added (webserver default on)
SSH fixed added, to avoid dns lookup slowdown
Later librtmp version because over Ubuntu 10.10

Om de iso te gebruiken kan ik je het beste unetbootin aanraden. Open unetbootin, selecteer de iso uit de zip file en schrijf het geheel weg naar een USB drive om een goed werkende bootable usb stick te maken:

Download: http://xbmcfreak.binkey.nl/xbmcfreak-1000-maverick-v2.zip


  1. hansie says:

    Bedankt voor deze versie. werkt (blijvend) uit de doos t.a.v. geluid op mijn asrock 330ht (menugeluiden (nog) niet), dvd’s en cd’s spelen automatisch af (even instellen) en je kunt naar de gedeelde mappen op je windows 7 pc (mits geen live essentials update), etc etc. Mooi werk. De remote vind ik niet zo belangrijk, niet geprobeerd, muis werkt ook prima.

  2. Denis Tunjic says:

    Hi does anyone know how to patch xbmclive as i need a fix which is not implemented in the live version…

    i have no ac3 audio with my amp….


    the liink is the fix i need to get ac3 audio out of my hdmi connection….

    they made the fix on dharma for window but i dont see the fix on the live version….



  3. Denis Tunjic says:

    the revision that has the fix is 35739

    is there a live version that has this..

    as they say it will be in 10.1 but there is no time line for this

  4. llcestlavie says:

    Hi guys,

    We are an educational content development company based on Singapore.

    We’d like to look for someone who can help us to modify the XBMC system for education. The job can either be done locally in Singapore for a short term visit to our company, or as freelance.

    Job description

    1. Developing and modifying XBMC system structure to a standard Learning Management System

    2. Developing Billing, administrative and server control system

    3. Developing skin for system graphic

    4. Developing Plug-in and scripts for additional features

    We are looking for talent who has relevant development experiences and been fluent in scripting in Python Java and XML programming languages, familiar with internet technologies (Media streaming, web services, etc.)

    Anyone interested? Can contact me at llcestlavie@gmail.com

    Thank you

  5. 412 says:

    Thank you very much Maceo :D All working now :D just need to get all of my scripts up and running again.

    Thanks again

  6. LudaLex says:

    Hi all,

    I have an Asrock ION 330 nettop (first generation) and i got a Problem with my original XBOX Remote. This Tuturial don`t work anymore. Maybe someone can explain me how it work with this Live-Version.


  7. Ghost says:

    Het is met de live-cd v2 gelukt de upgrade te doen.
    Hierna kon de driver van de asrock weksite geinstalleerd worden. De afstandsbediening werkt nu naar behoren.

    Installeer dus v2 en doe daarna apt-get dist-upgrade
    Download daarna de asrock 10.10 driver en installeer die op linux
    apt-get -f install
    En dan zou het moeten werken

    Bedankt voor de hulp!!

  8. BiMou says:

    I have exactly the same problem. Updated from 9.11 to Maverick 10.00 v2. Acer revo + HP MCE remote. Extremely sluggish/strange response to remote, takes multiple presses to get a response. Have swapped batteries, its not that.

    Anyone have any ideas on what’s causing this?

  9. WhiteHartMart says:

    Had this for a few days now – having problems with AAC audio on all my films – front and rear audio seems reversed (all speech etc comes from rear left speaker) and rear right has no output at all – is this a know problem???

  10. HaZee says:

    De hele driver van ASRock heb je dan niet meer nodig!

  11. Christian says:

    On my Lenovo mce-remote, the ON button does’nt work..(have to press the on-button on the unit. :|) I can turn it OFF with it though. All other buttons are ok. what to do?

  12. Marc says:

    I’m going to try this v2 of Maverick and hope beyond hope that it’s got support for my Rosewill RRC-126 remote. Dharma doesn’t, and when I try to add it, I run into all sorts of problems with missing kernel source and other things that I don’t easily know how to resolve. Yes, I did what was suggested, but those solutions all produce errors, as well. Adding the device to lirc would be the best option I have for that build, but it’s cost me hours trying to do that, and I would just like something that works. Crossing my fingers that this is the ticket. HDMI audio issues in v3 has me leery of that build, but I’ll go there if necessary. Thanks in advance!

  13. This is a great version it solved all my problems with older versions. I have one request, could any one tell me how to boot directly into it without the boot menu produced by Unetbootin? thanks

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