XBMC Eden 11 almost final!

Het ziet er naar uit dat XBMC Eden of versie 11 bijna final is. De Eden branches zijn helemaal bijgewerkt en ook de build numbers zijn aangepast. Meer informatie volgt hopelijk snel!



  1. twilightzone says:

    \o/ awesome as always.. best project i’ve ever had the pleasure of using

  2. Klojum says:

    Finally! We’re getting close. \o/

    Although it is a bit odd that this news is coming in via OpenELEC, and not via XBMC… ;-)

  3. Erik says:

    Still, i hope they at some point make a stable branch and support it. Now if you want to have some nice tools/theme/skin you always have to grab the latest cvs build which in my opinion should not be how it should be. I dont like to upgrade all the time, if it works and i can upgrade and get the latest stuff too without it breaking then i would be happy.

  4. George says:


    My sentiments exactly. They likely need someone with real-world product experience. I myself have left my setup as-is for years, since each new “release” was never actually stable. The other issue would be regression testing and a base set of known platforms & h/w configurations that have been tested each and every time. It is fun to play with the latest, but good to know there is a stable release one can fall back on.

  5. Greg says:

    Thank god, it’s building in the unstable launchpad repository as I type this. Can’t wait to test it out.

  6. k0sm says:

    There is an update people..

  7. Klojum says:

    Well, the long wait is finally over, Eden is here:

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