(English) Zotac ZBOX HD-ID11 sound

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  1. pstothers says:

    This worked for me.

  2. tmbomber says:

    I’m using 10.08 svn32416 on a Revo 1600 with 2 gig of ram connected via HDMI to my TV. Navigation sounds come through fine, as do mp3 and just about everything except when I play an mkv file. When I go to play an mkv the video plays fine, but I hear no sound. When I hit volume up or down I see the little popup in the upper right saying that the audio is being passed through. In the audio output screen (shown in the picture above) I have HDMI selected for Audio Output, Audio Output Device, and Passthrough output device. I’ve tried various settings for the “XXX capable receiver” settings with no success.

    Will this fix work on a Revo, or is there another options line I should be using?

  3. Crank says:

    I tried this and am able to get speaker-test to play through hdmi, but I can’t get any sound out of xbmc, any ideas?

  4. jaume says:

    I worked for me. Video files with MP3 audi works, but video files with AC3 audio dont’ work, sounds noise when plays them.

  5. static_g says:

    Same here. AVIs all seem to work, MKVs all seem to play nasty noise.

  6. static_g says:

    Actually, I now have it working perfectly on my ZBOX HD-ID11 using the above instructions, with one small change. My HDMI is plugged into a plain stereo TV. When I uncheck AC3 and DTS and use 2.0 instead of 5.1, it works perfectly! AVIs and MKVs are playing nicely. :) If I have 5.1 with AC3 and DTS checked, I get noise for MKVs.

  7. Hi.

    Can u play at hdmi and spdif at the same time or do i have to toggle between sound devices ?

  8. Je vais finir de lire tout cela dans la soirée

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