XBMCbuntu preview version – Second rc2 version

Here’s another release candidate version. A new boot menu option has been added in order to correctly set the dpi on large screens. It’s probably the last version before it hits final, so please let me know your comments.

Update 13 March 2012, version v35 with the following fixes/changes:

  • Fix: fix wallpaper link
  • Fix: disableBackslash
  • New: Add setdpi boot option to cope with small fonts

Download: http://xbmcfreak.binkey.nl/XBMCbuntu-v35.zip


  1. Termo says:

    What do you mean?

    “New: Add setdpi boot option to cope with small fonts”

    Where do I set this option?

  2. Termo says:

    Got it…

    I just needed to hold ctrl down at boot to get to boot menu or push up or down arrow :)

    Choosing fixed dpi 120×120 still have very small characters :’(

  3. K0sm says:

    jup.. nog steeds kleine letters. Ook met die fix.

  4. piotrasd says:

    Is little problem with HDMI on Intel grafic, over DVI eveything work, but when we try connect HDMI no signal
    (only Bios … )

    Intel Core i3-2120T (low power) 2,60 GHz 3MB L3 LGA1155 BOX (BX80623I32120T)
    GIGABYTE GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 Z68 s.1155

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