XBMCbuntu beta 3 officially released by XBMC

XBMCbuntu beta 3 has been officially released by XBMC. With many thanks to all of you. Beta 3 means that the testing isn’t finished and bugs might be still there. So if you find anything, please let us know. Remember to post the /tmp/debugInfo.txt somewhere.

Download: http://mirrors.xbmc.org/releases/XBMCbuntu/xbmc-Eden_beta3-xbmcbuntu.iso


  1. miesjel says:

    Beta 3 geinstalleerd op Zotac D1, wat lastig was vanwege te grote overscan van het menu. Gelukkig ken ik de installatie-menus van ubuntu inmiddels uit mijn hoofd ;-) dus op tab drukken en op het juiste moment op de spatiebalk.

    Het native NFS vinden is voor mij enorme vooruitgang. Verder werkt alles prima. Alleen kan hij niet meer met MCE-remote in sleep stand. DAn krijg ik nl Ubuntu-desktop en moet ik toch uit de stoel en het ding uitzetten.

    De opstarttijd valt me ook wat tegen naar al die eerdere claims van Oneiric over snelle boottijd

    Other than that; fantastisch werk Piet-Hein.

  2. miesjel says:

    ow ja, en ftp-en gaat ook niet meer. Maar daar vid ik vast wel een oplossing voor op het forum

  3. bitwelder says:

    Currently I have a Nvidia ION box running xbmcfreak-msremote-10.1-v2 (installed on a SSD).
    What’s best way to upgrade it to XBMCbuntu Eden?

  4. Nick Croonenborghs says:

    I solved my “Remove install media and press enter to shutdown” problem by adding “noprompt” in my syslinux.cfg.
    Second problem is when I exit XBMC and go to the desktop, the shutdown button on the login screen does not work. Whatever I choose it keeps going to the login.

  5. DragonFly says:

    Some issues encountered with beta 3. Tested on several machines:
    - Core i7 sandy brigde with supporting videocard (nvdia) does not work. Incorrect video card recognition.
    - Heavy stuttering (particular show by RRS scroll) in GUI when vblank is set on default (let driver decide) on SOME machines. Solved by setting it to “always on”
    - Fixed CPU values at boot on SOME machines. CPU values do NOT change in systeminfo screen or debug overlay and stay at fixed (high) values. A reboot does not change this behaviour, only an internal XBMC.reset command resets CPU values to normal state.
    - Dds fanart is still enabled by default, causing very high CPU usage when browsing content with fanart present. This entry is obsolete in Eden.
    - As states in the post above, user cannot shut system down when in desktop mode.
    - When exiting XBMC to login to the desktop (openbox or xbmcbuntu), the last choice is remembered, causing the machine to boot into desktop rather than XBMC when the next boot occurs.
    - Resume from sleep script does not produce the desired result. On my main HTPC is does not enable anything.
    - Is it purely coincidental that size of the beta 3 iso is exactly the same as v31?

  6. Hyralak says:

    I am crashing the installer with my Zotac ION330. Crash is related to the hard drive (Crucial C300 64gb) unable to create or write during the install or a dirty cd it tells me. Tried to install with cd and USB key. I thought it was my hardware but it all checks out. It will run just fine if I dont install it to my hard drive. So i reinstalled xbmcfreak-msremote-10.1-v2 then manually upgraded to beta 3.

  7. Herb says:


    I downloaded Beta3 and installed it onto an SD card. Works great… but…

    When I install it it to my internal HD, my external drives (a USB and an eSATA) do not mount. Doing a “df -T”, the USB drive shows up, but the eSATA does not.

    I’d appreciate any help anyone could provide.

  8. hansie17 says:

    Nvidia GT430 here; I cannot get sound via HDMI! Tried many things (plughw:..,.. etc.). I am not that familiar with Linux, but someone else with GT430 can explain step by step how he/she got it working?

  9. kosm says:
  10. kosm says:
  11. alecxx says:

    Is there a 64bit version??

  12. Flomaster says:

    beta three upgrade went well

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    however my resume from sandby still not working :(
    I had it working with Dharma branch xbmcfreak live cd… I really hope we can get this working again. it made it like an appliance than a computer

  13. bertybassett says:

    @hansie17 did you try unmuting the sound in the addon mixer? You might need to find a .zip download to install it because it was not part of my default installation.

  14. K0sm says:

    Sorry for the double post. I thought something went wrong, but I guess the link put the post in the moderation area :)

  15. hansie17 says:

    @bertybassett: I will try that when TV is free for me to test. Is it via http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add-on:Audio_Mixer ? Is it any different than the route via alsamixer (ctlrl-alt-f1)?

  16. AJ1000 says:

    search google for ‘script.xbmc.audio.mixer-1.0.6.zip’

    I use:


  17. hansie17 says:

    I tried the audio mixer: everything was already unmuted per default. Still no sound, I am afraid. I have given up.

  18. arnold says:


    Please try this in XBMC:
    geluidsdoorgifte ANALOOG
    speakerchannel 5.1
    Geluidsuitvoer app. high definition audi controller digital surround 5.1

    that solved the issue with me (XTREAMER ULTRA).
    Also if you change the setting, you need to restart XBMC to test each time

  19. hansie17 says:

    @arnold: thanks for the tips, but this did not work either. Did not know about rebooting XBMC each time that I change audio setting. I did not find your last line: high definition audio (HDA) controller digital surround 5.1. I tried several other options there though, but, as said, no sound. It is like that for quite a while now. I had sound previously and per default, but this is driving me mad. I just change to Splash player on Windows and that just plays perfectly all my mkv’s without stutter and WITH sound.

  20. Donnash says:


    A time ago I had a problem with my sound the only thing that worked was check with device nr. and wich hw nr. alsa uses and then create a configfile in your home directory , so it will allways use that hardware and device. I’m sorry I forget the steps.

    Maybe someone else knows what i mean ???

  21. hansie17 says:

    Thanks Donnash, but I already gave up (returned to windows 7 + Splash player), except for really easy alternative solutions….

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