XBMCbuntu 12.04 with pre-Frodo (mid August release)

Here’s a new iso based on Ubuntu 12.04 and the latest version of XBMC. It should cover most of the items mentioned here: http://xbmc.org/natethomas/2012/08/14/xbmc-11-0-july-cycle/

Direct download is here: http://xbmcfreak.binkey.nl/xbmcbuntu-11.9-wsnipex-testing-v4.iso


  1. bertybassett says:

    how do we update from the july edition without a full re-install? Do we just apt-get update then upgrade?

  2. boes says:

    het downloaden lukt niet, ligt dit aan mijn internetverbinding of is er iets mis met de server. de download wordt steeds afgebroken na een paar procenten…

  3. boes says:


    doet het nu wel weer.

  4. Alex says:

    I created a USB stick installation and when trying to install I get the install process being stuck on
    * Stopping System V runlevel compatibility [OK]

    Any suggestions?

  5. Hard8 says:

    I had no trouble installing but wish I hadn’t.
    This version will not save any of my network folder Usernames and Access Passwords.
    Also not getting use to the little changes affecting the Appearance, like the constant push to Library view instead of Files view.

  6. K0sm says:

    De vorige Beta heeft mijn Grub gesloopt.. kan dat? :)

  7. eric says:

    Installatie (ion330) ging als een zonnetje, mis wel ongeveer 80% van de thumbnails van mijn films (> 2800), die op een nfs share staan. Geen reden, waarom de één er wel is en de volgende niet.

    Zal eens verder zoeken, maar alles ziet er weer als vanouds super uit. Boblight werkt goed, DVDs en MKV gaan zonder issues. Weer een puik stukje werk Piethein!

  8. eric says:


    Brrr….. en weg zijn de thumbnails :-(


    Heel fijn natuurlijk, dat meerdere instanties straks (..) gebruik kunnen maken van een betere manier om thumbs te delen, maar ik geloof dat alles nu opnieuw gescanned moet worden.

  9. Andy Morgan says:

    Thanks for this, it works perfectly, except thumbnails on picture folders just appear black. This has been the case since June(ish). Any ideas?

  10. Abner78 says:

    Installed on ASRock ION 330 … there is something strange happening: one of the cpu is always at 100% when playing. I remember this was already happening before XBCDLive 10 v2 nuvoton.

    This has (apparently) the only effect of making DTS compressed movies stutter (it drops one or two frames every now and then and fps goes down to 20).

    Had to go back to XBCDLive 10 v2….

  11. yubie says:


    Is there an answer yet? I am wondering the same.

  12. yubie says:

    bertybassett: n an

    I meant on this question didn’t quote it.

  13. bertybassett says:

    @Abner78 getting the same here movies stutter and jump like something it wrong, starts jumping skipping then after 30 seconds they work fine, but if I fast forward they skip again. Also getting the picture problems.

  14. jjay says:

    Video playback for me is awful. I use nfs but also tried samba which is worse. It can’t keep the fps steady and goes as low as 17-18fps. I made sure vdpau was enabled and tried all sorts of combinations in the playback section. The 11.0 live install works solid for the same connection and movies.

  15. Kim says:

    Hi, can you put VU+ PVR addon in your next build, need it for live tv from a dreambox.

  16. fpmacl says:

    Works great on an Asus AT5IONT-I Mini ITX board (Atom D525 CPU, 2 GB ddr3 ram). It’s also the first XBMCbuntu version I’ve tried which properly mounts and plays DVDs and Blu-Ray data disks containing my archived video and music files (.mkv, .avi, .mp3, etc).

    I’ve seen no problems when playing videos from a networked samba share. Even 1020P video files play smoothly.

  17. fpmacl says:

    Duh, I meant 1080P!

  18. Stefan says:

    Can all the future builds be updated from within linux itself ?

  19. freakandelle says:

    Thnx for this! Finally smooth 1080p playback on my Shuttle XS53 GTA V3. :)

  20. freakandelle says:

    One core is always at 100%, even when idle.

  21. Scope says:

    Is there a way to upgrade from End July release to the latest version of XBMC? Or do I need to re-install?

  22. Brian says:

    Am I correct by saying that this version (v4) does not include proftp, sabnzbd, transmission, and samba?

  23. Brendan says:

    This is pretty much unusable.

    CPU load is obscene; the interface lags to the point where remote commands just don’t work. I was pleased to see the addition of AudioEngine, but it’s just far to broken; the August release is even worse and will continually crash.

    Eden was rock solid and fast (even the beta) on Atom; had to go back because the whole build is just broken.

  24. Brendan says:

    .. and because I have OCD and can’t let it rest, I tried again.

    Second install seems much better; I’ve found disabling RSS seems to help; it works correctly on first boot, then subsequent reboots it appears to stop.

    Will see how adding media to it influences load. Last time this lead to the install pretty much hanging.

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