XBMC Accepted into Debian

Good news for all the Debian users around us. XBMC has been accepted into Debian. This means Debian users are now able to install XBMC without the need to add any additional repository.

There are a couple of notable differences between the Ubuntu packages and Debian packages.

  • decss support (encrypted dvd playback) is disabled unless libdvdcss2 has been installed from a third-party repo.
  • libav is used rather than ffmpeg, as Debian unstable has gone this direction.
  • AFP (Apple File Protocol) support is currently disabled due to packaging issues.
  • rar support is disabled due to Debian policy, which we hope to resolve soon by switching to libarchive, which Andres is personally working on as well. The guy is a unstoppable!

More information can be found on: http://xbmc.org/theuni/2012/04/10/xbmc-accepted-into-debian/

btw; Is there any interest in a Debian livecd with the debian installer?


  1. t11r says:

    Ik zie Debian toch echt als een server OS en Ubuntu als “het multimedia broertje” van Debian.
    Vooral gezien de wijze hoe Debian met nieuwe versies en drivers omgaat.
    Voor een HTPC vind ik XBMCbuntu (of XBMC op Ubuntu) daarom een stuk logischer.

  2. twilightzone says:

    huge +1 for the debian livecd / installer. I love ubuntu been using it for years but debian has a testing branch which is very stable and would make it a cyclical rolling release then. That would be very appealing and easy to maintain without the need of constant upgrades. Even now this release is based on 11.10 and 12.04 is out this month so all our new installs will need to be moved but at least it is an LTS so viable much longer.

  3. Luc says:

    Ik gebruik Debian al jaren op server- én desktops. Geweldig dat XBMC geaccepteerd is! Debian is stabieler, loopt daarom wel eens iets achter t.o.v. Ubuntu. Dat is iets dat men moet accepteren. Het is de balans tussen nieuw/wild en oud/stabieler. Voor de multimedia-mensen: er is een debian multimedia repo die het gros van deze producten bevat: VLC, ffmpeg, etc.

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