XBMC 11 Eden RC2 officially released by XBMC

RC2 has been officially released by XBMC. The fast playback issue has been fixed by RC2. We’re still working on XBMCbuntu. Keep you posted the next days.



  1. miesjel says:

    vanaf RC2 werkt opeens mijn MCE-remote niet meer, evenals de Android en Ipad-app. Iemand anders dit ook? Of is er iets met mijn setup?

  2. miesjel says:

    de android en iphone app werken el. Lijtk dus LIRC-dingie. lsusb-commando laat de remote gewoon zien.
    Iemand een idee?

  3. mjgeuze says:

    I have installed v29 of XBMCBuntu (Asus EEE-PC 1501) and after that always kept track of the latest updates by means of apt-get update/upgrade.

    The latest version (XBMC RC2, linux kernel however introduced quite some AV-sync issues with many files (mainly tv-shows), but not all.
    Trying to compensate for this in the audio-menu does not help at all (perhaps due to AC3 HDMI passthrough). I did not have these kind of problems with the beta releases.

    Does any one how to get back to a beta release of xbmc with apt-get or does apt-get only work for the latest version?

    (The same tv-shows do play without AV sync issues on XBMC-RC2 under windows)

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