New AudioEngine finally making it’s way into XBMC

It looks like the new AudioEngine will finally make it’s way to XBMC. The large amount of work is now available in a pull request form and will be reviewed the next coming days. The new AudioEngine will allow users to play different HD sound formats and also allows users to send bit perfect Pass-through to the receiver. The new AudioEngine will also manage the configuration of Alsa, which will be more automatically. More info here:


  1. Christian says:

    Sounds great with the new AE, but i have a, what maybe quite a noobish question: I have downloaded and use the version 1 xbmcfreak – is it possible to upgrade to new versions, without having to reinstall everything again?

    best regards


  2. BugBoy says:

    Why is it so hard to output HD audio in passthru? I would say you can just filter out the stream and pass it thru. I can imagine that downmixing or transcoding HD audio formats to AC3, DTS or stereo might be difficult, but why is passthru so hard?

  3. senthil says:

    @ BugBoy :

    remains good question even though asked about trillion times.. lol

  4. adgr says:

    @BugBoy and @senthil:

    Sure, it is so easy to “just” filter out an HD audio stream and “just” pass it thru without breaking any other audio options, that it took a few very capable and talented programmers “just” a number of months to create and perfect the AudioEngine to a level that it can be reviewed by other XBMC programmers and be merged into the regular development branches.

  5. Ego says:

    @BugBoy That’s not the only thing AudioEngine does…

  6. Brian says:

    Perfect, first release with proper audio output is downloadable (windows version) (xbmc 12.0 alpha1)

  7. @Bryan – That is NOT the new AudioEngine, thats a patch by DaniellaE that adds HD support to the old system.

    AE was merged with master last night, it is now part of the nightlies!!!

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