Due to the huge amount of interest I recreated a new version of the BoxeeLivecd. Like the XBMCFreak Livecd’s this version also includes Samba, Proftpd, TorrentTransmission and Sabnzbd. Boxeelivecd is built against the latest packages from the Ubuntu repository tree.

The version of Boxee is This is the latest available beta version. BoxeeLivecd is known to work only with Nvidia cards.



  1. GBot says:

    Cool! Boxee is full of win!

    I think I’ll end up running this and XBMCFreak Live on separate USB drives for easy swapping.


  2. Asrock ION 330 got no sound from HDMI. I’ve changed different audio settings but no luck. Anybody help?

  3. Kwon :

    Asrock ION 330 got no sound from HDMI. I’ve changed different audio settings but no luck. Anybody help?

    You could try to change it to default. Or download the new -2 version and try to set it to hdmi again.

  4. BounceMeister says:

    Op zich ziet het er mooi uit allemaal, maar ik ben geen fan van mediabibliotheken. Ik heb netjes folders aangemaakt op m’n netwerkschijf en daar wil ik doorheen bladeren naar de juiste film of serie. Volgens mij gaat dit met Boxee niet lukken, hij wil gelijk gaan indexeren en me alleen maar op genre etc laten zoeken.
    Ik hou het bij de XBMC Live cd’s.

    Wat me wel opviel is dat de memtest het niet deed, die gaf iets aan over een oude versie van iets? (kan eventueel ook op de live cd v.13 zijn geweest?).

  5. granfury83 says:

    This was a 15-30 minutes trial troubleshoot, don’t nail me I didn’t have time today.

    Live boot on Zotac MAG failed to start xserver or xbmc-standalone, “Safe Video Mode” same result. Manual start of xbmc-live service (standalone) started fine. Manually configured my wifi (ifup doesn’t have dhcp for wlan0). Logged in, poked around, no sound. Flipped the settings for digital, check x2, hdmi, hdmi and stereo routing both ways, and the Brittany Video playing still had no sound, and that I didn’t mind. So the reoccuring HDMI sound pops its head again…other than that, GUI is smooth, and seems easy to navigate (using Adesso ARC-1100 remote). I’ll go back later and do some more playing…I mean troubleshooting. As a final note, I booted the .iso off of a SD card plugged in the front, this in past experience has led to some weird bootup results, so the autostart might be muah…more later! (End goal would be to FreakyXBMC on hard drive and Boxee on SD)…we will see!

  6. hoggewe says:

    How can I get my hands on the XBMC/Boxee Dual Boot Image? I have a Zotac MAG and have tried following several methods for getting them both installed on the same machine and switching between them using my remote with no luck.

    I tried clicking the links on the site – and I consistently get a ‘Not Found’ HTTP error.

    Is the file posted somewhere else or did you remove it from your site all together?

    By the way…your XBMCLive CD is AWESOME….thanks for all the hard work.

  7. John says:

    Tried to download this now and the download link is dead. Can you repost it? Thanks

  8. Carlos says:

    Hi, still no luck with the link, can you repost it? I’m trying to get this dual boot and couldn’t find it anywhere else.

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